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Who hasn’t watched the latest Grey’s Anatomy as medical residents fight tooth and nail to have a glimpse of cardiovascular surgeon Erica Hahn performing a double valve replacement on the father of medicine, Wiiliam Tapley? So little space in the operating room, so little opportunity for future surgeons to improve their cutting operating skills.

SurgyTec is an initiative develped by plastic surgeon Stevens MD, PhD to solve that. The site’s goal is to improve and share surgery techniques in order to improve one another’s skills. Physicians can now watch videos from ACL reconstruction to performing a midface lift.

So if you need a last minute refresher course on the use of robotic total mesorectal excision for the treatment of rectal cancer, SurgyTec is the place to visit!


marble-blast-ultra-20051221062258837.jpgTo the numerous list of health innovations the Wii can do, we add in improving surgery performance by 50%.

The BBC reports that researchers at the Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center studied eight surgeon trainees who trained for an hour on a Wii before performing 50% better on a virtual surgery simulator. Their scores excelled in the areas of tool control and overall performance as compared to those who did not.

The game in question is called Marble Mania, which involves moving a marble through a 3D maze.

To be fair, the researchers should pit these “Wii-surgeons” against those who meditate, visualize, pray, or perform hand exercise before surgery.

In any case, the researchers claim that the fine movement of a ball through a maze are complementary to skills which would help a surgeon in surgery.  They also suggested that perhaps spending $250 for a surgery prep device is a great alternative for poorer countries to train their surgeons as compared to buying an expensive surgery virtual simulator.

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websurglogo.pngWebSurg is a virtual surgery university that provides more than 500 surgical videos, over 1000 expert interviews and 100 descriptions of surgical procedures complete with photos, and animated procedures. The site is peer reviewed by top surgeons from all around the world: United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Italy, China, and Taiwan. The telesurgeries and information provided on this site are geared more towards healthcare professionals than patients.

websurgcolon.pngWebSurg’s content has been accredited by the University of Virginia School of Medicine in 2002 to become the first website outside the United States to meet the American Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) standards. Presently, it is certified by McMaster University, Continuing Health Science Education Program. WebSurg was developed by Professor Jacques Marescaux and his team at the European Institute of TeleSurgery in France.

The site is available in 5 languages: English, Japanese, traditional Chinese, Spanish, and French.


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