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Ever since the article on Glucoboy surfaced on our website, we have been receiving several e-mails on how to purchase the Glucoboy. Questions from healthcare professionals and patients from all over the world: United States, Dubai, Israel etc.

Information on purchasing GlucoBoy can be found here.

Thank you for the 200+ inquiries on the purchase procedures for Glucoboy but because of time restraints, we feel that this is the best way to notify everyone.

Just a note: we are not affiliated with Nintendo nor endorse any products


glucoboylogo.pngglucoboylogo.pngGlucoBoy, a game compatible with the Game Boy Advance or DS Lite, was launched in Australia a couple of weeks ago on World Diabetes Day. The Glucoboy makes monitoring and achieving blood sugar goals fun. Whenever a user performs a glucose test, points are awarded which allows the user to unlock games. More points are awarded if the user’s blood sugar falls within the specified goals. The points may be spent in the game or the GRIP online community. Users post their scores to the GRIP community to see who has the best scores in a town, country, and world.

glucoboyheros.jpgThere are 2-full length games along with a mini-arcade (3 additional games). Games are played by inserting the Glucoboy cartridge into the Nintendo Gameboy.

The idea was created by Paul Wessel who noticed that his 9-year-old son would constantly lose his glucose monitor but not his gameboy. Mr. Wessel states “That moment something came to me – if I could combine blood glucose testing and video gaming technologies, perhaps Luke would be more motivated to test.”

It took Mr. Wessel 3 years to obtain Nintendo’s approval to make this device. The development is well worth the wait. The Glucoboy will prove to play a critical role in providing the incentive for kids to be compliant with their blood sugar monitoring.


To purchase Glucoboy: Link


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