Available OpenSourceEMR for physician and clinic use. Each opensourceEMR information shall be updated as I collaborate my thoughts. For now, the links are available for you to explore.

  • OpenEMR
    Company: Linkoemr.jpg
    Demo: Demo site on official site is down. However, a demo of the OpenEMR appliance (sub-project of OpenEMR) is available on Dr. Brady Miller’s site.
    Self-Description: OpenEMR is a free medical practice management, electronic medical records, prescription writing, and medical billing application. These programs are also referred to as electronic health records.
    System: FreeB billing, SQL-Ledger Accounting, php-GACL access control, SSL-encryption
    Support: OpenEMR appliance forum and general forum available to communicate with other users. Dr. Brady Miller has excellent step-by-step installation instructions and as well as OEMR use procedures on his site.
    Comments: Opensource medical practice management software
  • OpenEMed
    Company: Linkopenmed.jpg
    Demo: The site lists the URL to the New Mexico State Immunization, Information System Pilot and Biosurveillance, Analysis, Feedback, Evaluation and Response as demo sites but upon click, gives users a Status 404 error.
    Self-Description: OpenEmed is a distributed healthcare information system built around the OMG distributed object specifications and the HL7 (and other) data standards and is written in Java for platform portability. According to Newsforge, “Its objective is to aggregate data from clinics, emergency rooms, pharmacies, and individual physicians so that epidemics or bioterrorism attacks can be rapidly spotted and, hopefully, stopped before they affect large numbers of people.”
    System: OMG CORBA standards for enabling a platform, Java web-browser interface
    Support: N/A
    Comments: Newsforge did a write-up on OpenEMed. It seems useless as a practice management system in a clinical setting. It may be more useful as a platform to develop a EMR on.
  • OpenEMR
    Analysis: OpenEMR: BareBones OpensourceEMRopennetemermer.jpg
    Company: Link
    Demo: Need to fill out a form to test demo. Password/Login are sent immediately.
    Self-description: OpenEMR is the complete, user-friendly and affordable electronic medical record system. It is fully compliant with HIPAA and industry standards. It’s time saving and efficiency enhancing features will revolutionize your practice.
    System: Web-based using MySQL, Apache, and PHP
    Support: No community forum for support but commercial support is available

  • PhoenixPMalliance.jpg
    * Unfortunately, the project was canceled. “The PhoenixPM project was cancelled in September, 2006 by its participants when it appeared the project could not achieve its goals after two years and over $300K of development spending without significant more staff time and development funding.
    Company: Link
    Demo: N/A
    Self-Description: The project goals were to develop a public domain or open source successor to the current proprietary Practice Management (PM) software installed at four of ARCH’s clinic members.
    System: Used OpenEMed Platform
    Notes: Used OpenEmed as development Platform; Developed by Northern California Federally Qualified Rural Health Clinic Network’s Alliance for Rurual Community Health
  • GnuMedgmugmu.jpg
    Screenshots available
    GNUMed started in the year 2000 out of frustration and dissatisfaction with commercially available packages
    System: Python
    Support: No forum available
    may be difficult to install for non-techies, very powerful and useful EMR

: OpensourceEMR that the VA medical center uses; difficult to install

SqlClinic: EMR

FreeMedYIRC: developed for a youth clinic, based off of FreeMed

Open Healthcare Group

FreeMed: oldest EMR

CHITS: developed in Phillipines, allows for opensourceEMR with module development

tkFP Project: EMR for a small practice

Care2X: EMR and practice management

MirrorMed: EMR and practice management

FreeB: medical billing engine

VistaOffice: EMR and practice management

WorldVista: EMR and hospital management

Oscar: EMR and practice management for Canadian health system, developed in clinical setting at McMaster University


OpensourceEMR Groups
LinuxMedNews: opensource software news

OSCHA: Opensource Healthcare Alliance


Other OpenSource
OpenClinica: Platform for clinical research

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