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Ever since the article on Glucoboy surfaced on our website, we have been receiving several e-mails on how to purchase the Glucoboy. Questions from healthcare professionals and patients from all over the world: United States, Dubai, Israel etc.

Information on purchasing GlucoBoy can be found here.

Thank you for the 200+ inquiries on the purchase procedures for Glucoboy but because of time restraints, we feel that this is the best way to notify everyone.

Just a note: we are not affiliated with Nintendo nor endorse any products


After reading e-mails from some of my pals at  Cornell College of Veterinary School, it has come to my attention that I have been neglecting a vital part of the practice of medicine…animals. With that being said, I’d like to introduce Pet Pals: Animal Doctor, a game developed by Legacy Interactive / Frontline Studios.

The game was originally developed for Nintendo DS but is apparently available for the PC (free to try) as well. In Pet Pals, players diagnose and treat 30 different medical cases that are created by real-life veterinarians. There are 23 different pets to treat from dogs to even the hamster. Medical cases range from broken bones to even hairballs.

A great game for future and current veterinarians as well as current physicians who would like to give veterinary medicine a shot.

I’ve been asked for opinions on what the best EMR system would be for a hospital. While I can’t provide the answer due to a conflict of interest, I will list the most popular systems currently used in the United States (in no particular order):

  • Cerner
  • McKesson
  • CPSI
  • Epic Systems
  • GE Healthcare
  • QuadraMed
  • Siemens
  • Eclipsys

Some of the problems I’ve noticed with hospitals during their implementation phase and selection of an appropriate EMR is the lack of research in the area of implementation ease. While extensive research is put into cost and how well the system handles hospital’s needs, there are areas in which hospital administrators fail to ask themselves:

  • How are the online tutorials for the EMRs?
  • What is the support structure i.e. would the hospital be able to find enough consultants who have used the system to help them when they “go live?”
  • Can the EMR handle a large-scale hospital?
  • Diverse Team: You need a diverse team consisting of physicians, medical residents, nurses, pharmacist, technicians etc who need to be “Lead Coordinator” i.e. the go-to person or persons. A physician will not know the needs of the pharmacy, the pharmacist will not know the needs of a nurse, etc. Different roles, different work flow, different needs…

The most important advice, create a diverse team of healthcare professionals who are technologically savvy to begin with. The implementation of EMR requires speed and most importantly, efficacy. It is better to work with someone who has some sort of technical background either playing with websites, programming, or what Silicon Valley-ers like to refer to as ‘hackers’ (someone who knows or dips their hands in technology during spare time, and can make the computer do what they want, whether or not it wants to) than someone who doesn’t even know how to install a program in Windows.

Because when problems arise, you will need someone who isn’t afraid to act or at least is tech-savvy enough to search for the answer on forums instead of waiting for customer service in the morning. After all, in hospitals, time is life.

Games for Health Fourth Annual Conference 2008 will be held from May 8 – May 9 in Baltimore MD. The Serious Games Initiative, a Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, is the force behind this project. The goal is to spark the impact of games and game technologies on healthcare and policy.

There’s always buzz about Health 2.0, Web 2.0, Web 3.0 etc, but in my opinion, the next big thing will be Medutainment. Can you see a bunch of healthcare professionals discussing during lunch, the latest clinical trials for a drug x or rather that “cool medical game” they just played or the new XBOX game that is helping pediatric patients with disorders cope with their condition?

Mashable reports that TargetRX has landed $9.6 million in funding for its website. According to the website, TargetRX “offers member physicians an online forum to share their attitudes and beliefs with pharmaceutical companies through surveys and other market research activities.”

It is a site that is attempting to step into Sermo’s playground. Sermo has built a brand around itself. TargetRX is going to have extreme difficulty in establishing itself as the place to go to discuss issues.

The majority of topics on health forums are dedicated to physicians asking each other for medical advice or opinions about a case or how to deal with hospital politics. So the idea that an online forum made of physicians used to track behavioral prescribing is strange to me. From my clinical rounds, prescribing medication or pharmacist recommendations are mostly dependent on evidence-based practices and then afterwards, the hospital’s formulary.

So after convincing my dear friend to register for Health 2.0 physician-only sites awhile back so that I can take a look, I realize that venture capitalist firms are in need of a medical professional on their team. There is a fine balance in combining technology with health but a larger piece of the puzzle is understanding the fragile relationship or should I say non-existent relationship between healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry.

As for my dear friend who is a medical resident at Cedars-Sinai Hospital he hasn’t logged on since.

Benefits Check-Up
Free, useful service that lists federal and state assistance programs for older Americans. It was the answer to address the problem of older adults being eligible for benefits and yet not utilizing them. Millions of older Americans may benefit from public programs that offer such things as health coverage,  supplemental income and utility bill assistance.

Provides updated lists of patient assistance program directory

Needy Meds
Similar format to RXAssist in that the site provides a catalog of available programs listed according to drug name and manufacturer

Crayon Physics Deluxe is a game developed by Kloonigames. It is a sequel to the freeware game, Crayon Physics. The creator describes the game as a “2D physics puzzle game” in which objects that you draw are transformed to objects that can physically interact with one another on your Tablet PC. The challenge of the game is to solve puzzles using your artistic vision and creativity. Crayon Physics Deluxe is still in development and will launch soon.

This is an interesting concept that can be applied to foster a child’s development and creativity. While technology such as LeapFrog develops a child’s math and spelling skills, games such as Crayon Physics Deluxe will foster their problem-solving skills and introduce kids to relationships between objects.

americandiabeesassociation.gifAmerican Diabetes Association (ADA)
This is as “must” source for newly diagnosed diabetics or those wishing to learn more about their condition. The site has sections for those who were recently diagnosed, those with Type 1, or Type 2 Diabetes along with an “Ask the Pharmacist” area. The ADA also supplies a newsletter that diabetics may subscribe to in order to receive news and events occurring in the world of diabetes.

For a much more interactive presentation on Diabetes provided by the ADA, users may watch Link for Life. Also available is a Diabetes Risk Test.

Not all glucometers work the same way and the importance of measuring ones blood glucose cannot be stressed enough. For those who need more help in learning to use your meter, please check this link. According to the FDA, it lists the Diabetes Education programs recognized by the American Diabetes Association. These Recognized programs meet the National Standards for excellence in diabetes education.

researchandwellness.gifDiabetes Research and Wellness
This is a non-profit organization that offers free diabetic resources including free a pocket diary, diabetes identification card and diabetes necklace. The necklace will alert healthcare providers about your condition before they treat you.


Drug Companies Diabetes Resource Sites
Drug companies offer online diabetic tools for diabetics and especially for those patients who are using their meters.

Novo-Nordisk: Diabetic management features such as a diabetes care plan, menu planning tools, and stories written by patients on ways to live with diabetes

BD Diabetes: Provides flash-based patient education animations on how to draw, mix, and inject insulin. It even has a section for diabetes and pets.

Health 2.0 Sites
Tracking sugar site that charges users for access. Allows users to track and monitor sugar levels.

Site that allows you to monitor your suguar levels along with your foods. It provides users with graphs and trends.

Community for those affected by Diabetes. The site contains social networking features such as blogging, adding friends, and groups.

Diabetes resource that contains Q&A with experts, recipes, the “Wall”, and blood sugar management, among others.

Other related:
Johnson and Johnson’s Tour de Cure


myopencarelogo.pngMyOpenCare, a health site that we previously mentioned has announced a compelling competition.

The site has announced the “Create an H-Book and Win Company Shares” contest. In an effort to encourage greater member involvement in the site, the company will offer the winner of the best H-Book 0.5% shares in the company and those finishing second through sixth place will each receive 0.1% of MyOpenCare shares. The H-Book, otherwise known as the Health Book, is is a feature that every User has access too. It allows users to display information about particular disease states and conditions. However, unlike Wikipedia, MyOpenCare gives credit to the author.

The contest is a smart marketing move by MyOpenCare – increase user participation while promoting quality information.



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