Is your doctor not listening to you? Do the words coming out of his mouth make you feel like he’s from another planet? Have no fear, MedHelp is here.

MedHelp is an online community dedicated to answering health questions from patients. Questions are answered by board certified physicians. The founders, simply known as Phil and Cindy, developed the site in 1994 after surviving through traumatic medical events involving their mother and daughter.

The site has had a major face-lift since last being introduced to me by Enoch Choi, MD. Besides the improved anesthetics, MedHelp has broadened its expansion into developing a stronger community complete with journal entries, groups to join, treatment reviews and even the ability to add friends.

What makes this site appealing is that answers are delivered by board certified physicians as opposed to a non-medically trained stranger. However, the site is not totally free. Some physicians charge to answer your questions.

MedHelp definitely has an edge over its other competitors such as DailyStrength thanks to its support by physicians and partnerships with major clinics.