Mashable reports that TargetRX has landed $9.6 million in funding for its website. According to the website, TargetRX “offers member physicians an online forum to share their attitudes and beliefs with pharmaceutical companies through surveys and other market research activities.”

It is a site that is attempting to step into Sermo’s playground. Sermo has built a brand around itself. TargetRX is going to have extreme difficulty in establishing itself as the place to go to discuss issues.

The majority of topics on health forums are dedicated to physicians asking each other for medical advice or opinions about a case or how to deal with hospital politics. So the idea that an online forum made of physicians used to track behavioral prescribing is strange to me. From my clinical rounds, prescribing medication or pharmacist recommendations are mostly dependent on evidence-based practices and then afterwards, the hospital’s formulary.

So after convincing my dear friend to register for Health 2.0 physician-only sites awhile back so that I can take a look, I realize that venture capitalist firms are in need of a medical professional on their team. There is a fine balance in combining technology with health but a larger piece of the puzzle is understanding the fragile relationship or should I say non-existent relationship between healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry.

As for my dear friend who is a medical resident at Cedars-Sinai Hospital he hasn’t logged on since.