americandiabeesassociation.gifAmerican Diabetes Association (ADA)
This is as “must” source for newly diagnosed diabetics or those wishing to learn more about their condition. The site has sections for those who were recently diagnosed, those with Type 1, or Type 2 Diabetes along with an “Ask the Pharmacist” area. The ADA also supplies a newsletter that diabetics may subscribe to in order to receive news and events occurring in the world of diabetes.

For a much more interactive presentation on Diabetes provided by the ADA, users may watch Link for Life. Also available is a Diabetes Risk Test.

Not all glucometers work the same way and the importance of measuring ones blood glucose cannot be stressed enough. For those who need more help in learning to use your meter, please check this link. According to the FDA, it lists the Diabetes Education programs recognized by the American Diabetes Association. These Recognized programs meet the National Standards for excellence in diabetes education.

researchandwellness.gifDiabetes Research and Wellness
This is a non-profit organization that offers free diabetic resources including free a pocket diary, diabetes identification card and diabetes necklace. The necklace will alert healthcare providers about your condition before they treat you.


Drug Companies Diabetes Resource Sites
Drug companies offer online diabetic tools for diabetics and especially for those patients who are using their meters.

Novo-Nordisk: Diabetic management features such as a diabetes care plan, menu planning tools, and stories written by patients on ways to live with diabetes

BD Diabetes: Provides flash-based patient education animations on how to draw, mix, and inject insulin. It even has a section for diabetes and pets.

Health 2.0 Sites
Tracking sugar site that charges users for access. Allows users to track and monitor sugar levels.

Site that allows you to monitor your suguar levels along with your foods. It provides users with graphs and trends.

Community for those affected by Diabetes. The site contains social networking features such as blogging, adding friends, and groups.

Diabetes resource that contains Q&A with experts, recipes, the “Wall”, and blood sugar management, among others.

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