As mentioned earlier in an article on Disaboom, a site should be accessible to a wide range of users. A lot of sites incorporate flash which is not user-friendly for blind individuals who utilizes screen readers. In the realm of healthcare, sites that are developed for patients should take note to build a site that is user-friendly and accessible to different types of the patient population. With that said, an interesting article on Businessweek discusses and asks the question of: “Is your web site handicap-accessible?”

Highlights of the article:

  • Class action law suit against Target filed in 2006 Alameda County by National Federation of the Blind : Law suit alleges that Target’s refusal to make its website accessible to the Blind violates the Americans Disabilities Act
  • Having a site revamped for disability access may cost $5,000 to $15,000 but return on investment from increased search engine optimization
  • Find a web designer who is familiar with Section 508 Compliance