Doctors and Med 2.0
Business Journal’s interesting article on doctors trying med 2.0. Article highlights are:

  • Fliqz launches customized website for HealthGrades, allowing visitors to virtually tour various medical facilities as well as view a physician’s bedside manner.
  • In May, Johnson & Johnson sponsored blogger’s events in Las Vegas
  • Medem and Youtube strike a deal to bring internet videos to physicians, allowing them to create and broadcast welcome videos for new patients

Microsoft’s Digital Health View
Microsoft painting a rosy picture of the future of digital health. In the article, Bill Crounse, Microsoft’s worldwide health director, sketches the future of healthcare dominated by tablet PCs and real-time patient monitoring.

Comment: Like most pharma companies who design difficult-to-use glucometers, these technology companies do not realize how user-unfriendly some of their products are. What’s the use of overloading a product with neat tools if patients are unable to figure out how to use it?

Telemedicine becomes more valuable as number of seniors increase
Physicians and healthcare experts are predicting that telemedicine is the answer to caring for chronically ill elderly patients. The core of the software is the ability to track data such as blood pressure and medication adherence. The other major area of telemedicine is the ability of alerting-on call medical professionals if vital signs are not within desired limits.

[Source: Inside BayArea, Worcester Telegram]

Comment: The best form of a telemedical device has to be touch screen. You eliminate the cumbersome use of the mouse and decreases the learning curve of using the system.