WiiFit was launched in Japan and will not be available in the United States until next year. However, if you are really gung-ho about getting your hands on this game package, you can try snagging one at Success-HK, Play-Asia, or Amazon Japan.

wifitlogo.gifThe WiiFit bundle comes with a copy of the WiiFit and the Wii Balance Board. The game begins by calculating your BMI which it then uses to set your individual fitness goals. After the game obtains the necessary information, your body receives a “real age” based upon your BMI rating along with the appearance of your avatar. So you may be older or younger, based upon your “real age” and how healthy you’ve been keeping yourself. After the 20 seconds the system takes to determine your BMI, you have a variety of games to choose from, including yoga, skiing, and soccer.

Just how popular is WiiFit? It is currently the top selling game on Amazon Japan [Source: PunchJump] with product reviews averaging 4.5/5. The WiiFit is going to make a huge splash in the United States with plans of launching next year.

This is probably the ultimate combination of Health and Games 2.0 combined. Who knew that being healthy could be so much fun?

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