We have covered Health 2.0 in regards to websites and games but there’s a small uprising in another area of medicine, call it Doctor Visit 2.0, a word HippocraTech KF reader termed.

Jay Parkinson, MD/MPH


Jay Parkinson, MD/MPH can probably be called the ultimate Dr. Geek, or rather, Dr. “House” (as in house calls). This 31-year-old physician began his New York medical practice in September, shorty after finishing his residencies in pediatrics from St. Vincent Hospital and Preventive Medicine from Johns Hopkins. Because of his unconventional approach to medicine, he already has a TV series planned for next season, a book deal and he was recently interviewed on the Colbert Report.

Dr. Parkinson’s approach has been termed by the media as “Medicine 2.0.” He incorporates the use of video chat, e-mail, and IM into his medical practice. Patients can see “open-slots” on his website where he uses Google Calendar then text him for an appointment.

After receiving the text, Dr. Parkinson would then personally go see the patient even if it is within the next hour. Patients spend 10-15 minutes filling out their health information on the website before the visit so that Dr. Parkinson has a snapshot of the situation, saving both him and the patient time.

During the housecall, he performs physical exams, explains his services, and assesses the patient’s medical status. Visits usually last about half an hour. His electronic medical record is ran on his iPhone and he uses a Mac computer.

The cost of his medical startup: less than $1500 (HisTalk)

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