The Washington Post reports that Revolution Health, created by AOL founder Steve Case, has acquired two new websites to join the revolution offering. HealthTalk, a site focused on patients with chronic diseases and SparkPeople, a site that is dedicated to the fitness of its users.

According to Steve Case: “We are building a platform that reaches the largest possible audience, and in the process want to build the largest health brand from a consumer standpoint.”

October data gathered by comScore, an Internet market research firm reports the following:

  • Revolution Health – 105 million page views
  • Spark People – 84 million
  • Health Talk – 8 milllion

Thus far, Revolution Health has (source:Washington Post 12/5, Heath) :

  • Revolutionhealth : health information site
  • Drugstore : site that allows users to purchase health related items
  • CarePages : social-networking site for people with chronic illness to connect and discuss issues

It seems like Revolution Health, in an effort to outdo WebMD, is on a buying spree. A better strategy is to not buy more information of what consumers already have, but give consumers what they need but isn’t yet available. In addition, the site should focus more upon perfecting the user-interface to make it friendlier for everyone to use. Most importantly, the site needs to work on its branding among health professionals and patients.

Currently, Revolution Health is known as the “site that the AOL founder guy created,”not “the site I go to find health information.” Steve needs to look into building the brand name by seeking opportunities to sponsor national marathons such as the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer or the MS Walk. “Revolutionizing” health isn’t about acquiring multiple sites, it’s about “doing” something that people need. Show users that you’re “revolutionizing” health. A start would be to have Revolution Health employees participate in health marathons or hold fundraisers. Revolution Health is doing a lot virtually but what are they doing in real life to build their brand?