dacdog.pngMan has three loves in his life: his work, his family and his best friend….whether you call this best friend a dog, cat, fish or even a pig. The current boom of combining healthcare with the internet has been obsessively and narrowly focused upon the healthcare of humans, leaving a “Dolittle” hole.

While there are social-networking for animals such as Dogster and Catster, that offer some medical information, there is a lack of a resource totally dedicated to the health of our furry friends. Animals are prescribed the same types of medications as do humans. The difference is in the dosage as well as how they respond to the medication’s side effects. Different animals take different doses and respond differently to medication.

Where do I go to look if my Great Dane or German Shephard was responding strangely? I can’t ask my dogs if they’re feeling nauseous or dizzy. Where do I go to look up medication administration to my dogs who always manage to eat the entire hotdog yet spit out the hidden pill?

Health information delivered to veterinary pets are different from that of humans. With that being said, this is an untapped, unpenetrated area of “Health 2.0” that should be addressed. Our furry friends deserve the same amount of care as we do. Perhaps…the Pet 2.0 revolution?
Feline Health Videos
A video site developed by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. The site provides videos on:

  • caring for your diabetic cat
  • giving your cat a pill or capsule
  • giving your cat liquid medications
  • trimming your cat’s claw
  • taking your cat’s temperature
  • brushing your cat’s teeth

Cornell also provides Consultant, a “database designed to link over 500 clinical signs and symptoms to nearly 7,000 possible diagnoses or disease conditions. Thus, it can help you find summary information about animal diseases. In addition, it can assist in compiling lists of diseases with certain clinical signs, such as all of the dog diseases that have “diarrhea” as one of the clinical signs. Consultant also contains a selected list of up-to-date journal articles on each diagnosis. ”

merckvetmanual.pngMerck Veterinary Manual
The Merck Veterinary Manual is the single most comprehensive electronic reference for animal care information. It is brought to you as a service of Merck & Co., Inc., providing quality medical information on a not-for-profit basis for more than 100 years, and Merial Limited, dedicated to producing a wide range of pharmaceuticals and vaccines to keep livestock and pets healthy and productive.”

traineo.pngTraineo + Dogster
Dogster and Traineo have teamed up to develop the “Dogster.com Fitness with Dogs Group.” The site’s purpose is to not only get pets into shape, but pet owners as well. Users will be assigned a “Training buddy” when they register as well as have the option of sharing ideas on how to get both their pet and themselves in shape.