Pharmaceutical Marketing: Stuck in Web 1.5: Interesting analysis on % of patients looking for information online as well as information on the online marketing services or programs that US Pharmaceutical Marketers provide to consumers. Studies show that pharmaceutical companies’ baby-steps into the Health 2.0 movement are causing them to miss opportunities to build relationships with patients.

BurstMedia: Survey done on 3,700 users that found women ages 25-34 as the power searchers of online health information.

Digital Communities: 2007 Consumer Medical and Health Information poll, commissioned by and conducted by Harris Interactive found that Americans turn to the Internet for health information nearly as often as they turn to doctors.

Chicago Tribune: More people are turning to the web for health information. “Boomers are the key drivers of that shift. Fifty-three percent of all visitors to health sites are age 45-to-64, according to comScore Media Metrix.” Mashup’s article on Pfizer partnering with to launch a Health and Wellness channel.

JNJBTW: Johnson & Johnson enters the blogsphere.

Hearst Magazine’s acquires the website RealAge. RealAge is a site that that provides users with an online test where they answer questions and in turn, the site spits out the user’s “biological body age.” The site has about 8 million users, mostly women aged 30-59 years old. The Herald Tribune believes that the acquisition price was near $100 million.