access222.pngjnj.pngA few weeks ago, there was a post in regards to providing free or low cost medication to uninsured or unemployed patients. However, Johnson & Johnson has launched a far superior tool called Access2Wellness to help patients find assistance programs for drug discounts or access to free drugs. The site is very user-friendly. Users select the drug that they are interested in and then answer six short questions on the “Eligibility Tool”:

  • State of Residence
  • Age
  • Whether or not you are eligible for Medicare Part B and/or Part D
  • Prescription drug coverage?
  • Family members who are legally dependant on your household income
  • Family’s gross annual income

The tool immediately delivers a list of programs that the user is eligible for as well as a link to the program assistance page. The site has information for patients, physicians, caregivers, and hospital administrators who are interested in assisting friends or family to obtain discounted medication.

The hardest thing for anyone to admit is that they’re not being compliant with their medication because of a cost issue. So I urge all healthcare providers as well as family and friends of loved ones to share this important tool with everyone.