NY to begin implementing state-wide medical record sharing
Greater Rochester Regional Health Information Organization will be implementing medical records sharing in 9 New York counties. The sharing will allow physicians and healthcare providers to share patient information such as allergy histories, lab results and medication history. The implementation will begin the week of November 25, 2007 with the goal to allow physicians access to medical records by Dec 2, 2007. (Source: Democrat & Chronicles)

Indiana to use VisualDX to assist with diagnosis in hospitals
Indiana State Department of Health will distribute VisualDX software, a visual diagnosis tool, to 53 facilities statewide. 42 hospitals and 11 local health departments and clinics in Indiana will use the software to cut costs and improve patient diagnosis. VisualDX has over 14,000 images and more than 800 visually identifiable diseases, drug interactions and infections to help physicians with diagnosis. (Source: Health IT News)

Chat Therapy: Patients seek help via Instant Text Messaging
Text messaging is being used to convey patients with health care information. In England, text messages are used to remind women to take their birth control pills while an Austrailia, it is being used as a reminder for patients to take their HIV medication. Studies are being conducted to assess if supportive text messaging may have an impact on bulimics or those going through a smoking cessation program. Source: (Source: Wall Street Journal)