disaboom21.pngDisaboom is an online community for those living with disabilities. The site’s goal is to be the primary resource for people living with disabling conditions whether physical or mental. The site offers the typical social networking features of Facebook along with tools such as blog and video hosting. Groups and forums are available on Disaboom, with medical professional input. Of particular interest are discussions of business accessibility to wheelchair users or guide dog users. In addition, Disaboom offers a career center, allowing employers to post jobs targeted at this population. The site was developed by J. Glen House, a medical school graduate who became a quadriplegic after a tragic accident.


  • Some parts of the website may not be accessible to visually impaired users who use screen readers. Some screen readers do not work well with Flash.
  • The site could incorporate a rating section for medical devices such as wheelchairs or offer a list of places one may go to find such devices
  • Insurance is a major area for those living with disabilities. A section need to be devoted to providing information on insurances available to disabled users such as the California SDI Program or allows users to compare different insurances.
  • Resources of home-builders and car mods specialists who have expertise in building accessible homes and cars
  • Listings of local meetup groups
  • Sources that list healthcare professionals such as dentists who are skilled/experienced in dealing with disabled patients

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