With the huge success of Youtube, niche sites have been popping up everywhere such as GodTube, a site that focuses on worshipping the big guy. It only makes sense for there to be a video site focused entirely on health. Listed below are health sites with user-submitted generated health content from doctors as well as patients.


HealthTheater.tv was launched last year. It contains two areas: “MyHealth Video” and “PhysicianLens.” MyHealth video contain patient-submitted content that is either teaching about a disease state or is a personal life journey through a disease. “PhysicianLens” are physician-submitted content that provide health advice well as education. All videos are reviewed by physicians for accuracy before they are published on the site.

icyou4.jpgicYou was launched in September 2007. Currently, the site is only focusing on the 10 most common disease states such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. There are videos from patients, physicians, as well as allied health professionals. Like HealthTheater.tv, icYou content is reviewed by physicians before it is published. In addition, users may flag content in regards to relevancy or appropriateness.

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