hesu01_breastimplants.jpgNBC HealthWatch did a short series on myfreeimplants, a site that provides women with necessary funds for breast augmentation surgery. Funds are provided by generous benefactors who browse women profiles and select who they’d like to pitch in and donate breast implants to. According to the founders, 12 women have received free breast implants thus far.

Jay Moore, one of the co-founders, says that it is a solution to improve women’s self-esteem while feminists argue that it only reinforces the warped and twisted view of female sexuality based on a male’s desires, and depicted largely in societal mass media ideals. However, Moore says that the site has helped women with poor breast augmentation surgery that went wrong and could not afford to fix. In addition, the founders plan on putting an area up for women in need of financial support for breast cancer reconstructive surgery.

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