boardofmed.jpgThe American Board of Internal Medicine has launched a website that allows patients as well as healthcare employees to verify if their doctor is certified. The site also allows physicians to check their certification status, maintain certification status, and improve their performance practice. Search may be based on name, certification, or social security number. Among features of the site includes (source: ABIM press release):

  • Physicians have a dedicated “Physician Login” tool, allowing registered users fast access to their individual home page detailing where they are in the Certification and Maintenance of Certification process. In addition, they have a new “search by specialty” feature, providing relevant links for their area of practice.
  • Consumers can find out if their physician is certified and learn how board certification and Maintenance of Certification impact patient care.
  • Health systems, hospitals and policy makers can find information on the importance of board certification, and how to work with ABIM to engage physicians in quality improvement.