visualdx.gifVisualDXHealth is a website that helps you to learn about your disease by not words, but pictures. The site seems to be limited to diseases that have visual images, particularly dermatological conditions. Upon entering the site, the patient may immediately search for his condition. He may pick his age: infant, child, teen, or adult. Afterwards, a choice of gender is asked and then the patient is to the choose affected area. The site then returns a list of images with a description of the condition that includes a link with extensive information of the condition.

VisualDXHealth is created by LogicalImages, a NY-based company focused upon the development of clinical images for diagnosis. According to the site, “all content is created, edited, and reviewed by physicians and qualified health care


Figure 1: Patient selections age and gender. Afterwards, affected area of the body


Figure 2: Website displays a list of images that the patient may use to match up with his condition. Clicking on the blue link beneath the image will send the patient to a page filled with extensive information on the condition.