When conferencing with friends who are physicians ranging in a variety of clinical practices from radiology to primary care, I am often asked the same question “Can you create an affordable EMR record for my office?” I would usually point them to an opensource electronical medical record (opensourceEMR) system. OpensourceEMR is a topic that I’ve been researching for some time now,especially since analyzing a variety of EMR interfaces is crucial in fine tuning commercial EMR systems (Cerner, Epic, Mckesson etc).

While there is no perfect opensourceEMR currently available, physicians do have a wide variety of selections to choose from. I’ll write a separate profile for each one as there’s a lot of of them available. You can find a compiled list of opensourceEMR in the tabs above (OpenSourceEMR) as the articles are written.

According to the developer:

“OpenEMR is a medical practice management, electronic medical records, prescription writing, and medical billing application. It is a replacement for medical applications such as Medical Manager, Health Pro, and Misys. It features support for EDI billing to clearing houses such as MedAvant and ZirMED using ANSI X12. Medical claim and accounts receivable are accomplished through SQL-Ledger, which has been customized. Calendar features include categories for appointment types, colors associated with appointment types, repeating appointments, and the ability to restrict appointments based on type. There is an advanced medical claim management interface, accounting for Explanation of Benefits entry, clearing house support for automated 835, customizable medical encounter forms, support for voice recognition software, electronic or scanned digital document management for records, and support for HL7 messages.”



  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Registration
  • Payment and Insurance Tracking, Processing and Collecting
  • Charting and Record Keeping
  • Integration with Other Applications
  • Prescription Writing
  • Laboratory Tracking
  • Patient Check-In/Check-Out, Tracking and Handling


  • To gain access to a demo of OpenEMR on the official website, you’ll have to fill out a short form. Login/Password will be sent to you in 5 minutes, providing you access for a week.
  • I’ve seen much more developed OpenEMR systems. This version is very bare bones and lacks a supportive community behind it (i.e. forum). However, it does provide the bare minimum requirements to run an office.