MEDgle is a web service that helps users articulate their medical condition. According to the site:

MEDgle (2028’s Symptomatix® search) is an online information and educational service. With the thousands of articles and sites available, finding relavent medical information is difficult. MEDgle’s goal is to make medical information easily and intuitively accessible for the benefit and betterment of everybody. Simply: search, learn, and thrive.

Users are asked to select a list of symptoms that they are experiencing as well as the duration of these symptoms. Other options include specifying gender and age. The site then lists a range of disease possibilities. Users may rank the results according to relevancy, which further assists in filtering only the most accurate information to the top. The results are ranked ” based on 2028’s Information Engine which provides the basis for expert systems.” The medical data were contributed by physicians working with MEDgle.

The engine still needs to be fine-tuned to predict what patients would type in. For example, typing in “red pimples withmedgle.jpg pus” does not show up among the list of available symptoms. In addition, some of the medical terms such as “refraction error”, “choreoathetoid movements”, or “ataxia”, need to be diluted down for non-medical patients. Perhaps show a picture or video of what these terms mean. I see this as a useful tool for patients to articulate their problems to a physician. However, the option of printing out the symptoms is not made available by MEDgle. While providing a list of possible conditions that a patient may have based on symptoms is useful, what is more useful is assisting patients in creating a printable list of articulated symptoms to provide to their healthcare provider.

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