Oriel Therapeutics is a lab out of Research Triangle Park, NC.  They just went through third round funding for an undisclosed amount.  They’re in works on a new inhaler technology that promises to be more efficacious than the current metered-dose-inhalers (MDI).  [Reference: VentureBeat]

Inhalation drug is one of the best and most invasive ways of getting drugs into the body, that is, if we’re able to successfully get it to the site of absorption there at any accurate amount of the time.

Current MDI technology has an Achilles’ foot in that it does not deliver enough drug deep down enough to reach the alveoli.  The alveoli is where all the air transfer and drug absorption takes place.  The majority of the drug typically get caught in the bronchioles.  There has been other advances where others have used another solution before the inhaler to coat the lining of the bronchioles so drugs don’t get caught there providing a free passage for the drug, but this technology is not perfect either.  I am curious at what they’re doing and hope they they will be able to come up with something more successful.

My prediction is that inhalation drugs is the way of the future.  Being with Exubera,  the fast acting inhaled insulin from Pfizer, we’ll start to see more drugs being delivered this way, with a promise for at least two more insulins being delivered this way within the next two years.