As predicted for months now, big Pharma is desperate for more drugs because their pipeline is not as large as it has been in recent years.   Because over the last couple of years, there has been many pharmaceutical startups with interesting drug prospects both from the traditional pharmaceutical side and the biopharmaceutical side, it has been thought that there will be a huge buying frenzy among the big pharma companies looking for an easy meal.  This was not necessarily the case with the Glaxo-Anacor deal this morning.  In a $605 million dollar partnership, Anacor will receive $12 million in cash and $10 million in equity investment as the companies will share up to eight anti-infective drugs.

Anacor is a Palo Alto, CA -based biotech company that deals with boron-based anti-infective and anti-inflammatory agents.  The first few possible drug candidates focus around treating onychomycosis (nail fungal infection) and psoriasis (skin rash undefined by other means).   The company went public and August and filled for a$58 million IPO.