The traditionalist will tell you that there are only two types of healthcare readers, the chronic illness people and the newly diagnosed. Well, I am telling you there’s more out there, and importantly, a lot of them are untapped.

Who are they (in no particular order)?

  1. Teenagers looking for physical appearance/beauty aids
  2. Young baby boomers(40s-50s) looking for their parents
  3. Thirty somethings looking for their kids
  4. People looking to loose weight
  5. People who are health/nutrition fanatics

This is just to name a few.  The traditional view that the majority of healthcare readers being female and in their late forties to fifties is absolutely false.  Although many of them are, if you’re after a broader audience, begin to market towards other individuals who are craving this information.

So now we know our readers, how do we get them to come back.  Part 2 in our series of Healthcare Readers shall explore this topic deeper.