mdi cfc ephinephrineThe FDA have recently announced that it will make it mandatory to stop the use of CFC (ChloroFluoroCarbons) in epinephrine MDIs (metered dose inhalers).  This product is most commonly seen as Primatene.  CFCs are used as propellants in many canned devices such as inhalers and most recently hairspray and things of similar nature.  The Clean Air Act have banned their use in just about everything because CFCs destroy the ozone.  In that language they’ve giving a exception to medical devices that the FDA has deemed necessary to use.

Well, today, they just thought that epinephrine does need it anymore.  What I think is wrong about this is that by stopping its use, we’re limiting another tool for researchers to find the best device to deliver medicine.
I personally have never seen any numbers regarding how much CFCs used in medical devices have affected the environment.